How did CrossTrainedK9 start?



Beth Bradley’s experience as a dog trainer and behaviorist for the last 25 years has put her in touch with people who spent significant amounts of money to buy fully trained dogs that turned out to either not suited to their life style or family life or not able to do the work they were purchased to do in the real world. Beth was re-training both the dogs and the humans hoping to make the two fit; unfortunately, sometimes they did not.Beth was also hired numerous times to complete the training or to do the polishing work of a dog because the training eroded with time and the sellers didn’t offer a follow up program.


Because of such experiences, Beth decided to create a company that would not find a family for a fully trained dog but rather find the perfect dog for a family. Our process starts with our clients. We thoroughly evaluate the lifestyle and needs of our clients then set out to find and train the perfect dog for them. Each dog is selected, purchased and trained to fit the need of their new owner. We are not pushing kennel dogs on our clients. Using Beth’s experience and extensive network of trainers and breeders we are finding your dog for you!


Beth wanted to differentiate her company from other’s trying to offer the same services. So to make the business complete, she partnered with two specialists in their field.


Laurie Schweizer’s law enforcement expertise added another dimension to the training. One that focused on the knowledge of the criminal mind.  The training wouldn’t be complete if the criminal mind aspect didn’t come into play when training for protection.  Laurie’s expertise makes sure no stone is left unturned in the process of creating the perfect personal protection dog for you and your family.


Badr Benabdessadek’s professional experience in running medium size companies has helped make Cross Trained K9 an example of corporate professionalism. Badr’s personal experience with the need to protect his family and have a good pet added the last important aspect to the business. His initial contact with Beth was created by the need of a personal protection dog.  Beth’s training program and her creation of a dog suitable for Badr’s family life not only gave him peace of mind but a longtime friendship that has gotten him involved in dog training, competition and helper and decoy work. Most importantly, their friendship helped create Cross Trained K9.



Our company is the complete package.  We know dogs and we know how a family looking for the warmth of a companion and the protection of a loyal servant can find itself overwhelmed by the process of acquiring and training a dog. Then disappointed by the stress an unmanageable dog brings to a household. We have seen this time and time again. This is why we pride ourselves in being able to supply our clients with a dog that can protect and be a good member of the family. As we like to say here at Cross Trained K9, Your Pet, Your Protection!



Our website doesn’t contain pages and pages of information. Our videos are short. This is not an accident, it is done on purpose. We do not want to overwhelm you with information that is useless to you and we do not want to give away our unique philosophy, approach, and training methods. We urge our clients to do their research and speak to our competition before talking to us. Once you get in touch with us, you will quickly realize that our attention to detail leaves nothing to chance. We are more than willing to answer any of your questions and help you in any way possible.